8th April 2018

Social Media can kiss my ass

Facebook have been in trouble of late after it emerged that UK firm Cambridge Analytica received millions of user data records.

It didn't happen by accident as Facebook claim.  Owner Mark Zuckerberg was summoned to explain himself before the Government but declined, instead opting to send a lackey.

Which just shows the utter contempt the man has.

But that's social media in a nutshell these days.  You see, in these times of our freedom of speech being eroded there are people running these platforms deciding what we can and can't say!

Now, before you start with the old "Freedom of speech doesn't mean you can say anything to anyone without consequence", I completely agree, it's not about that.

Context plays a role, as does who you're saying it to.  Opinion is one thing, and we should be allowed to have an opinion on anything.  If others don't like that opinion then just ignore it, that's what we've always done in the past.

But Facebook and Twitter are now deciding what people can and can't say, the problem is it doesn't apply any consistency to what people can and can't say.

Let me give you an example:

White person says they don't like black people.  Account reported x number of times, account suspended until tweet deleted.

Black person says they don't like white people.  Account reported x number of times.  Nothing happened.

Now, it turns out it was an experiment, but really what's the difference?

There are people sat in call centre type environments monitoring tweets and Facebook posts deciding what can and can't be said.  The problem I have with this approach is that it appears to be very much at the whim of the pleb, as opposed to company policy.

So if one Twitter or Facebook employee finds one post funny and another doesn't there is a chance the post could be taken down.

Censorship? Yep!


Speaking of Facebook

Man posts fake meal as Facebook woes mount


Can I join your gang?

A Police Male Voice Choir has been told to rebrand itself as a mixed choir in a bid to become "Inclusive".

I shit you not.

As the Police get even more Liberal and Inclusive (AKA wet lettuces) the choir must be mixed in order for women to join.

Now, I'm not sure how a woman can be a tenor (apart from Tenor Lady of course), so how does that work?

It seems we're now in an age where you can't have a Man Only thing as Women MUST be able to join, even if they don't actually want to.  But Women can still have their own Women Only things.

That's the new equality.

I mean, come on!  WHY can't we have gender specific clubs and activities?  Who does it hurt?  Nobody!

Why can't the Police just start a mixed choir as well as having the male only one?  How about having Male Voice, Women Voice and Mixed Voice?

It's just another nail in the coffin for the Police who have become a parody of themselves.  Rather than concentrating on the real important issues they've become obsessed with being so "Right" (Or is that Left...?)


Speaking of the Police

Police find new ways to waste money


And finally...

Dumb Arse MP and all round racist David Lammy went on TV following a shooting in London claiming he hadn't seen a Police Officer for the whole time he'd been there.

Hmmm.  Pretty sure that's not a Traffic Warden just behind him.

Told you he was a dumb arse.


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