15th November 2018

Well, Theresa May is taking a battering today eh?  And rightly so, because the deal she's wanting to deliver on Brexit is worse than a No Deal.  

Ask Noel, he'll tell you.

I can see this being May's end.  Deliver a shit deal and resign - her very own mic drop moment but instead of the mic it's a big bag of dog shit.

Brexit is to May what Maddie was to Kate and Gerry.


Fake News!

According to the BBC, "Fake news is not only news you disagree with"


Really?  So we can have news now that's fake just because some mingewipe doesn't agree with it?

How on earth can there be ANY other definition of fake news other than it's news that is fabricated?


Goodbye Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is dead.


Speaking of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead must be inclusive of Zombies says utter tit


Until next time!