9th December 2018

Welcome to the Christmas Special!

First up, here's a tale about Offensive Christmas Songs.


Rag Watch

You're a bum, you're a punk, you're an Old Slut on Drunk.


Metro Corner

The Metro has outdone itself recently with this absolute corker:

metro santa

Not only has Faima gone full Metro, she's gone full Guardian.

And there's only 2 things in life you should never go FULL on:

  1. Retard
  2. Guardian

I mean, what the hell is she talking about?  Is it wrong to only hire men to play a role of a MAN?  She's proper clutching there, you can smell the desperation a mile off!

Santa Claus is based on a real life person, Saint Nicholas.  It's fair to say that Nicholas was most definitely a man.

So, why would anyone ever want women to play the role of Santa in the first place?  It's just fucked up feminism right there.

So, basically what we're saying is that a woman playing the role of a man is equality, whereas you stick Bradley Walsh in the role of Anne Frank and it's sexist.

What's odd is that after a tiny bit of research I can see that Faima is about as likely to celebrate Christmas as Angie Watts so why the fuck does she care about a fat man in a suit?  Fuck off and take your desperate click-bait back to Knobheadsville.

And finally...

Radical lefty fun police want to change Christmas Cards.