21st January 2019

Prince Philip had an accident the other day and of course the haters are out.

I hadn't realised this country had so many insurance claim and law experts until the accident, now it seems everyone has not just an opinion (which everyone is entitled to) but they're so right, you know, like properly right.

Experts, the lot of them.  Even the ones on the dole and the nail bar owners.

Hell, even the "victim" herself is an expert, according to the Daily Mirror.

The paper says that Emma Fairweather (I wonder if she's just a fair weather dri.. [PACK IT IN, ED]) believes Prince Philip should be PROSECUTED if found to be at fault.  What a ridiculous statement, and even more of a ridiculous thing for a shit rag as the Mirror to print.  The police don't prosecute people for being at fault in an accident, unless of course they're drink driving or causing death by dangerous driving.

None of these cases are true.  What a stupid claim to make.

Mind you, when you look at her you can see she's the type, proper gobshite looking.

prince philip crash compofaceI mean, just LOOK at that compo face, "Oooh my poor wrist".  

Emma then goes on to moan about the fact that Philip has got a new car and is already back on the road, like he isn't entitled to do so!

She practically says he shouldn't be driving because it's not like he has to go out for shopping.  Who the fuck is she to decide who can and can't drive.

I bet she's a bastard vegan.

Meanwhile, on Twitter all the tolerant lefties were out in support.  Not of Philip you hear, but those weirdo JC4PM types who think Philip should be "euthanized".

Nice people.

One particular is this woman, Nicola James who tweeted (probably typing really HARD as she was so pissed off):

prince philip nicola james2

prince philip nicola james1

I mean, really!  Both the Queen and Prince Philip driving around without a seat belt on!  What utter contempt!

However, what Nicola doesn't even want to contemplate is that they might have been driving around their own private fucking land, on which you don't HAVE to wear a seatbelt.

Also, there's the matter of it being the damned Queen, she's immune from any civil or criminal proceedings.

Oh and maybe, just maybe they're advised NOT to wear a seat belt just in case there's an attack or something.

I'm pretty sure Lady Diana was advised not to wear a seatbelt.  By Philip.

And to claim Philip was "driving dangerously" could be classed as libel.  Which I hope it is, and Nicola is sent to the Gulags.  The Gulags which the lefties claim were actually OK. (Look it up)

And finally, Nicola, I assume you have NEVER been in a taxi?  Because I have never in my 44 years on this planet EVER seen a taxi driver wearing a seatbelt.

So, if not wearing a seatbelt gets you all bedwetty take yourself off to your local taxi rank - you will literally piss your fucking knickers.


Don't be a racist!

Find yourself sometimes (always, Ed) disagreeing with Diane Abbott?  You're probably a racist.

Check yourself on the Diane Abbott Racism Matrix


Speaking of racism

There's a new TV show in 'Merica called "That White People Shit" that basically pokes fun at white people and their hobbies etc.

Now, having a show that takes the piss is one thing, deliberately targetting white people isn't.  

If we had a programme called "Look at Black People and Laugh" there'd be so much outrage it's untrue, so how come it's OK the other way round?



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