4th February 2019

Ever get those leaflets through your door from estate agents?

"Due to a strong demand in your area we urgently require properties for potential buyers"

Bullshit.  More like, "Due to us struggling like fuck, we're trying to artificially create a market where we'll tell you people want to buy your house and in turn persuade you to buy another house through us as well"

Cynical, moi?


E-bay makes you loads of money!

I hate E-bay adverts


The Police are a bit shit #592

Did you hear about the guy who was contacted by Police because he liked a post on Twitter?

There's no punchline, it's all true.

Harry the Owl liked and retweeted a limerick about gender and was contacted by a Police Officer from Hull who found his details by contacting the man's workplace.

Which is a bit weird and doxxy.

You can read the full thread here.

It's a truly awful situation given that the Police Officer in question said he'd committed no crime, and despite Harry suggesting he didn't write the tweet the response from the Police was, "Ah, but you liked it and promoted it"

I mean, what the fuck is going on?

Please read the full story here, it's horrendous that the Police can act in this way.

Do the Police in Hull not have anything better to do?

No, I guess not.  It's not like crime has spiked there has it?

It's truly horrific that the Police are out there, abusing their powers trying to get people into trouble for a crime that hasn't been committed.  Telling people to "check their thinking".

It's no wonder people hold the Police in utter contempt, when they claim budgets and staff are being cut, they're not short staffed at all when they have people trawling the internet looking for some hurt feelings.

You there!  It appears you've had too much to THINK!


Banking Adverts

Why are banking adverts bad AIDS?