24th March 2019

I know, I know!  It's been a few weeks since the last update, I've just been so busy!

Missed a few events including the whole Shamima Begum thing which would have been good material.

I won't go much into it as it's kind of old news now but what I don't understand is just why the Independent were so keen to get her back to the UK, their level of campaign was akin to the Daily Express with Diana.

Sajid Javid's revoking of her citizenship was pretty much an act of bravado, deep down we all know it can't stand as it contravenes international law as a person is not allowed to become stateless.  I'm not sure if she'll ever leave that camp now though but if she does you can guarantee she'll end up back in he UK, I just hope she faces justice properly.  I'm also very sceptical about her baby.

It seems odd that the stories about her wanting to come home only came out just as she was about to give birth, then the baby dies within days.  Was it really her baby or just someones at the camp?



It's an absolute farce isn't it?  Here's my latest!


Until next time!


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