25th May 2019

Ding Dong the Witch is dead!

Well, not quite.  Theresa May has finally succumbed to the calls to quit.

To be honest she should never have been PM in the first place, she's been absolutely useless and generally disliked by all.

What has she achieved?  Nothing.  Other than winding people up.

Her face, her voice - they went together as a force of evil.  Saying that, I've said before I don't necessarily think she was deliberately evil, she just lacked any sense of compassion, empathy or any other feeling.

She was a terrible Home Secretary, what on earth convinced people to think she'd be a good PM?

Ultimately, Brexit was her undoing.  She kept on repeating the "Brexit means Brexit" and "Leave means Leave" lines, somehow trying to convince herself that she really meant it.

She had the gall in her resignation speech to tell the nation that she did everything in her power to "deliver Brexit".

theresa may empty desk

When in reality this is what 3 years of "Brexiteering" has produced.

She should have come clean sooner.  Yes, the Referendum result was to leave, but if it was deemed that leaving truly was the end of the world and that we'd be plagued by White Walkers forever more then she should have said.

She's pretended to sort out leaving for 3 years, although really we know she only started trying to "do a deal, guv" at the back end of 2018.

She's tried to get the same deal through Parliament several times, each time being told, "Oi! May! Nooooo!  It's the same deal as last time you clown"

To which she replied, in Monty Python fashion, "No it isn't!"

Where that leaves Brexit now is anyones guess but we have to be glad that May is off, she has to be remembered as the most useless and hated PM's of our time.


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