15th September 2019

I saw an article on the BBC site the other day that said homophobic attacks are up yet the number of people being charged is declining.  Now, on first glance it makes it sound like the Police are willy-nilly allowing people to attack gay people.

However, having read about 2 events quite recently that actually makes me think, "Are these people actually making this up?"

Now, bear with, let me take you through these 2 cases:

Case 1 - Two Lesbian ladies were "attacked" by a "gang of youths" because they wouldn't publicly kiss each other in public.

You may have read about it at the time?  There was something not quite right about it though.  Why?  Because I think the UK is incredibly tolerant of gay people.  We're not Russian or radical muslims like ISIS.

Gay people ARE more than tolerated, they're inclusive of society.  I know several gay people and not one of them feel like they have to keep schtum about it, they're totally out the closet, nobody actually cares they're gay.

So I found it odd that a gang of boys / teens would actually beat up 2 women.  The fact it's 2 women makes it even more unbelievable.

But there's more.  Nobody was arrested for it, the women couldn't say how many people were supposed to be in this gang nor could they describe ANY of them.

Now, it's clear that they'd both suffered injuries - I think it's more likely that they had an argument and a fight then decided to blame someone else for it, claiming homophobia.


Case 2 - Owen Fucking Jones

Claims he was attacked after coming out of a pub, he went on to claim that it was a planned homophobic attack.  Again, he couldn't describe the supposed assailant and nobody has had their collar felt let alone arrested and charged.


Stop making shit up!  You're making it worse for those who do genuinely need help.



The murky world of Trans.


And finally...

Back to the 70's - Great times, bro.


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