6th October 2019

We're almost at THAT date.

The end of October, where everything is just hideous and so damned scary!  We have to simply stop it!

Nobody knows what really is going to happen, we'll have to just wait and see.

No, I'm not talking about Brexit, you nonce, I'm talking about Halloween!

You see, I hate it.  It's pointless and every year I have a moan about it.

Why?  Well, it pisses me off!  I've already seen places decorated for it, it's the first week in October, Halloween is the last day of the month!


Mate, we're Thomas Cooked

Fomer employees of Thomas Cook took to demonstrating at parliament the other day to complain that the Goverment didn't rescue the firm.

Sorry, what?  Why on earth would it be the responsibility of the Government to rescue every firm that goes bust?  Thomas Cook has been struggling for a long time, this isn't a new thing.  But why should taxpayers money be used to bail them out?  Simply put, it shouldn't.

If every firm that was badly run had the safety net that they'd be bailed out if they went tits up the high streets would be full of nationalised pop-up waffle shops and dodgy mobile phone shops.  I have every respect for people starting businesses, I know how hard it is to run small businesses.  How some of these cafes keep afloat when there's a Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa every 5 metres is anyones guess, but starting a business is a risk.

I don't think the Government needs a travel firm on it's books to be honest.  Some of those Thomas Cook staff members were angry because the banks were bailed out back in the late 2000's, but that's not really comparing apples with apples is it?  Having banks collapse is a damn sight worse than a travel firm disappearing!

Mind you, what's worse are those claiming their holidays were ruined!  Yes, it's a bit shit but you'll get a refund, those 9000 staff members being laid off have it worse.

But never you mind that, you just think of yourselves yeah?


Stop bullying 16 year old girls

Greta Thunberg is the new God


Rag Watch

We've not had one for ages so here's a new one!


And finally...

We've a new writer joined the team, please meet our Environmental Activist, Gret Bigg-Turdberg.

She'll be telling us how great she is and why we're so bad.

Here's her first article, enjoy!



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