17th February 2016

Pump it up

Have you heard about this new Shell “Fill up and Go” app?

According to Shell you scan a QR code on a petrol pump using your mobile phone, enter how much you wish to spend and then simply fill up and go.  PayPal takes care of the rest.

Shell say it’s all done from the comfort of your car, which is a bit of a challenge for me and no doubt everyone else who isn’t Stretch Armstrong, Reed Richards or Peter Crouch.

I still have to get out of my car to fill up.

What doesn’t seem to have been spotted by anyone else though is the fact they’re telling you to use your mobile phone at a petrol pump, which must mean that this sign on every petrol pump is a load of bollocks then?

Quelle surprise. 



Hey, we're going to Milford Haven...

Here's an article about Milford Haven and the sex tourists.


Adam Johnson's Favourite Things #1

Favourite record?  Wiggle it (just a little bit) by 2 in a Groom.


Serves 4

Now, I like a meal.  I'm not greedy but at the same time I like to feel that I've at least eaten.

Have you ever bought these cooking sauces and thought, "That'll do for me", and you look at it and it tells you it'll feed the world?

This jar of Sharwood's Chinese Curry sauce apparently serves 4 people.

Really?  How?

Because here's what the sauce along with some chicken looked like in the pan :

It barely fed 2 of us!

And again, this Asda Balti sauce apparently serves 4.  Bullshit, Mr Han Man!

And finally...

There's a new Soapbox rant about religions using hot women!