3rd November 2019

So there's going to be yet another General Election and you know what?  I still genuinely feel politically homeless.

I just don't know who I am going to vote for!  I mean, I could pay close attention to all the Facebook posts by people who claim to know politics yet have never worked a day in their lives.

Or the posts that just slate the Tories no matter what, those who say "If you vote Tory please unfriend me" like the sniveling children they are.

Or the posts that are not fact checked and just make stuff up or worse, make claims that end up being about 4 years old!

I've been enjoying the posts on Twitter where people claim that over 60s shouldn't be allowed to vote.  Weird that, is that because they're possibly voting for something you're not?

Well, they've earned the right to vote.  If that's the case then, anyone under 50 shouldn't be allowed to vote.

And neither should black people, scousers or those who earn less than £65k a year.

Oh, I see, that doesn't work for you does it not? Right, we'll leave it as is it for now eh, sunshine?

Thought so.

Meanwhile, in Didn't Happen Land, @hollyarigby on Twitter says:
"Told some Year 8s theres going to be an election. Their chat has restored all my faith"

Of course you did, Holly.  Now, I've got a daughter who is in Year 8 and absolutely no way would her reply be anything like this.

But check this, Holly is....

holly rigby


Ahhh that explains everything.  Trying to brain wash kids.  Clearly not a very good English teacher either when she's missed the apostrophe off "there's".

These people are unreal.


Bonfire Night is bad for the environment

Says Gret Bigg-Turdberg.


And finally...

Gogglebox is shite




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