4th February 2020

Sonos customers were "outraged" recently when the company announced some of the older devices won't be able to upgrade to latest versions.

Why would people be outraged, I don't get it?  All devices stop getting updates at some point!

My 4 year old LG phone hasn't been upgraded for ages, it's part of the software lifecycle.  People's tablets and other devices don't get supported forever.

My Sony Blu-ray player hasn't been updated for about 7 years!

There's always something for people to get pissed off at, it's just ridiculous.

Now, I'm off to badger Sony to see if there's a firmware update for my Betamax VCR.


Brexit Boohoo #1

So, Brexit has happened then.  Although nothing's really changed has it?

The bedwetters are still out in force though.

brexit boohoo 1

Yes, let's equate Brexit to Nazism, well done you.

I mean, it was only last week I saw Jews have their front doors painted "Juden" whilst a load of Jews were herded off to a "train station".

What an absolute plonker this guy is.  It's a shame the act of defacing a coin was changed in the Coin Act 1978, prior to that he'd had had a good solid beating.

Let's hope he still does.


World of Woke

We've some new TV episodes in World of Woke!


Get offended at sports chat in the office?

Don't be a melt.


Brexit Boohoo #2

brexit boohoo 2

Ah the old classic, people who voted for Brexit are thick, old, uneducated racists.

Despite many of those who voted for Brexit coming from the upper classes and from top education.

One day we might re-enter the EU, who knows?  If Labour somehow manage to get in they might go for it, I really don't know.  We have to make do for now as we can't change it.  However, this notion that people of Laura's generation are better is just horseshit.  Better at what?  They don't want to work because long hours upsets them, they think they're entitled to mega pay for menial jobs, although menial jobs "is slavery, innit"

Laura says [they] "will never stop fighting", but they'll be too weak from all the vegan food.  They haven't fought to begin with, all they've done is insult people.


And finally...

Rag Watch is back, with another Karen Matthews story.

Until next time, don't have nightmares.


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