8th March 2020

Welcome back to another update!  Time flies doesn't it!

Let's start this time with a Facebook Fuckwitt!

Picture the scene, someone responds to an article about Gemma Collins with long hair.

One lady replies saying how her new hair makes "The GC" (eugh) "more safisticated".

Cue one lady who points out the spelling...

safisticated 1

and then loads of people jumping in saying how nasty this lady is to point out a spelling error...

This was my favourite though:

safisticated 2

Predictive text!  Her phone does it all the time!  Yes, of course predictive text suggests non existent words!!  Given that predictive text works off a dictionary then the word must be in there to begin with.



MOT Headlines #1

Jeremy Corbyn wants to meet with the Corona Virus to explore a deal.


Let's hear it for

The Caring Left


MOT Headlines #2

Health Chiefs want to meet Rick Grime to discuss how to survive Corona Virus



Not sure what the BBC are trying to do in this article.

It's almost like they're trying to get all hip and "down with the yoof".

Look at the writing style, it's like it's been written by someone from The Sun.

Use of the word "japester" and "wag" just don't sit right in a BBC article.

Please make it stop.


Word of Woke

I see they've remade "You and Me" for 2020.


Brexit Boohoo #3

This is brilliant. One woman absolutely incensed because someone wanted a coin:

brexit boohoo 3 1

You're angry at a man you did not see who asked for the Brexit coin/s from the Post Office.  For a start your husband could have made it up, or been mistaken.

One thing is for sure, your hsband is a right nosey old fucker.  You're angry over a coin.

Now, let's assume this old fella exists and asked for the coins, and received them (which seems to have irked you even more, as though the Post Office should have refused them), who is to say that he wasn't just a coin collector?   Maybe he was like some of the other people we've featured who do things to the coins like drawing the Nazi symbol on it?  You don't, you've just assumed he's got them to gloat.  Grow up.


Then we have a reply from an FBPE'r:


brexit boohoo 3 2Why didn't you interfere with my life?


"Yeah, he can have mine!  I don't have any...."  How can you give away something you don't have or ever had?  It's just such a childish response!  Both of these ladies were certainly mature enough to know better, but no, let's get down with the insults.  Gammon, that is so 2019.  Again, an assumption is made by the lady replying as to why the bloke wanted the coins.

Bizarre people.

It makes me want to create a new Twitter account to interact with people like this, whereby I suggest the person they're talking about is me and that I am a coin collector.... See if there's an apology.  It could be a new hobby.


And finally...

Why didn't you interfere with my life?


Until next time!


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