24th March 2020

Corona Virus then!

It's not going away is it, and it won't when everyone ignores the warnings to stay at home as much as possible and social distance where possible when out.

The panic buying was still going on at the weekend although I do wonder now if things are starting to calm down on that front.  Surely you've all got enough bog roll by now?


I simply can't understand how on earth the Government let the Cheltenham Festival go ahead, this was even after all football matches had been postponed.  Someone somewhere has had a right backhander for that, and frankly they deserve another one of a different kind along with an upper cut, a right hook and a swift kick in the bollocks.

There are many cases of Corona that have come directly from Cheltenham, why on earth hundreds of thousands of people over several days were allowed to be exposed to this is unreal.


Has the lockdown gone far enough?

It had to happen, but essentially Boris has only really reiterated what he said last week, only this time he's said there might be fines.  Where are the police to do this?

I will still walk my dog, I WON'T talk to anyone else and recently I've crossed the road to avoid people anyway, it's not the being out that's the problem it's the fact you're within 2 metres of people and potentially touching contaminated things.  But we should have been sensible to begin with.

The weather was nice over the weekend so we saw people go to areas of natural beauty.  Fine, if you're the only one there.  Not fine when you get there and thousands of people have had the same idea.

I drove past a racecourse on Sunday and saw dozens of cars parked up so people could walk around the course.  Dozens!  How is that social distancing?  It just isn't!

McDonalds decide to close so people queue for hours to get their last fix of a Big Mac or Bacon McMuffin.  What the hell are you doing you absolute weapons?


News in brief #1

Man panics at tea bag


Lockdown Part 2

We all need to understand what this means for us, we need to stay at home as much as possible.  Limit the shopping to as infrequent as possible, give people a wide berth, let's stop this from spreading.

If you have access to BBC iPlayer then watch a documentary they did in 2018 called "Contagion", it will open your eyes to what's going on now, it is scarily accurate.

But also have some sense with others.  A friend of the Toast was out with her 2 children yesterday, just for a walk down the street and was shouted at by a bloke with shopping bags.

So, it's not OK for her to get some fresh air with her children, they weren't interacting with other people or touching park equipment like swings and slides, yet it's OK for this old guy to have gone shopping.  Presumably he kept away from everyone in the store?  Unreal.

We need common sense, patience and understanding.

We can beat this thing if we work together and not get on at each other.


Finally on Corona for this time...

As I said last time, now is not the time for political point scoring and moaning but I still saw people's reactions to Boris' speech last night; people couldn't wait to start claiming things like "Police state!" and "Fascism!"

Give over, this is for all our benefit.


And finally... News in brief #2

Software developer continues self-isolation



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