29th March 2020

Clearly the Coronavirus is going to be dominating our lives for the next few weeks, possibly months, I dunno.

We obviously need to halt the spread of the thing and people remaining at home as much as possible with limited trips to shops which will help massively.

But, what about those out for exercise or those who need to walk their dogs?

I've been taking my dog out after tea during the week as there's generally fewer people on the streets.  If I see another person coming towards me on the same side of the street then I'm crossing the road.

I feel like a white American in the 60's, crossing the road to avoid black people.  But, of course, it's a necessity.

I've been exaggerating my actions, purposefully so that others than see that I'm taking it seriously and hope they are too.

Seriously, 2 metres apart?  Ain't no sucker getting within 20 metres of me!  

But you know what?  Can you guess who are the most ignorant people I've seen about this whole social distancing thing since the lockdown on Tuesday?  RUNNERS.

Yep, I've seen them quite happily run past people without a care in the world.  They're not even 1 metre apart in most cases, they're close to touching the people they're passing.

They're running or jogging so likely to have their mouths open, breathing heavily, possibly spitting.  They're likely to be passing any germs on as they do so even without knowing it.

None of them have got anywhere near me as I'm on the other side of the road but it worries me that the people they are passing aren't shouting at them, telling them to keep their distance.

I'd be going ballistic if it was me!

I do know 3 people who go out running though and they're really taking this seriously so I can't criticise all of them but out of every person I've seen out and about the streets who are simply not abiding by the social distancing rules it's runners and joggers.

Which leads me on to something else.

Derbyshire Police have been using drones to shame walkers who are out on the peaks, which seems a bit draconian even in a time of lockdown.  You see, surely it's safer to be out there than trying to avoid hordes of people in the street?  Yes, we are in lockdown but it's simply not possible to expect people NOT to leave their houses at all.  People still have to exercise, and as I said, people need to walk dogs.  

I had an argument with someone on Twitter a few days ago about this where I suggested that I can drive 10-15 minutes and be out in the countryside.  I can park up, go for a walk and not see another person for an hour or more.  That's properly social distancing!  Surely that's safer for me to do that?  Their argument, "What if you have an accident?"

Well, that could happen walking down the street.  There's more accidents happening in the home right now because people are doing DIY and such like.  

I'm not suggesting or advocating people flocking to beauty spots, far from it, but depending where you live sometimes it's possible to get away from all the mouth breathers walking round the streets and being totally isolated.


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