4th April 2020

So, what's been happening of late?  Oh, wait Coronavirus.

I forgot.

We're still in lockdown and there's "celebrities" crying online because they're locked away.  Oh boo-fucking-hoo.

You're hardly locked away in a 1 bedroom appartment unable to get any exercise and fresh air are you?  No, you're locked away in a big house with a big garden in actual luxury.

Narcissistic bellend Sam Smith apears to go through "several states of quarantine meltdown" but wants everyone to know about it, just to try and keep himself relevant,

sam smith bellend

In reality, he looks like he's putting it on.  Speaking of putting it on, maybe try having a shower and getting out of your PJ's, Sam, you big twonk.

I suppose this time locked away gives him the chance to think of what he will identify as next and what pro-nouns we should all be using for him.

As well as "cunt".


The hoax

Some people believe Coronavirus is a hoax.


And finally...

Is Madelain McCann the cure for COVID-19?



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