18th April 2020

So, we're still all Rona'd up in the UK although there's some people who just don't believe our PM, Boris had it at all.


Twitter gimp @Healosh claims:

So Boris Johnson shows Covid symptoms, goes to hospital, gets diagnosed with Covid, goes to intensive care, nearly dies, leaves intensive care, gets discharged from hospital, then tests negative for Covid. All in the space of 8 days. HE’S A MEDICAL MIRACLE.


I'm not sure where Healosh gets his figures from but Boris went into the hospital on the Sunday. There were rumours circulating Westminster 3 to 4 days prior to that he was somewhat poorlier than being made out, he was in hospital for 7 days.  When you factor it all in, it's more like 20 days.

These people just don't believe it, they even go as far as to believe "stories" put out by the Dorset Eye (yeah) which claims 2 nurses would not sign the official secrets act and were therefore put on leave.  Their names?

Shirley Knott and Ashleigh Pullin.

For gods sake.

Next you'll be saying The Onion is gospel!



One thing I've noticed since lockdown is the amount of people who drive like absolute twonks because there's not many people on the road.  People are speeding like mad and the use of mobile phones is huge, I've seen loads of people filming themselves whilst driving.  These are the ones who need locking up.


Clap for Carers / Nurses

Haven't they got enough on their plates without worrying about contracting an STI?  Oh.

There's no doubt there's a load of great nurses and carers out there who don't get the recognition they deserve, there's also a lot who should never be anywhere near the profession.

However, this clapping on a Thursday night at 8pm is all a bit cringe now.  I mean, the first week yeah, it was moving.  The 2nd week was a bit "meh" and last week it looked like a bunch of demented baboons clanging saucepans with wooden spoons.

Come on, you're taking the piss now.

I have a neighbour over the road, well in her 70's who partakes.  It wouldn't be so bad but one of her daughters and grandkids visit her every day.  I don't mean talking at the end of her drive or anything, nope, they're on on the steps next to her.  The kids go in the house.

Well done you!


Another thing about this is that it seems OK for people to gather in large groups to clap the NHS and Police.

westminster bridge

This was Westminster Bridge this week.  No social distancing at all, the Police are as bad as everyone else there.

These are the same tits with rainbow pictures made by their feral offspring telling people to stay at home and not go out.


Closer to home, this is Blackburn Hospital on Thursday night.  Absolute set of ballbags.

Don't you dare tell us all to stay at home and preach to us like we're some thick bastards when you behave like this.

The general rule of thumb is this:

1 - You don't need to social distance or stay locked in your house if you're clapping the NHS or Police

2 - You can't catch Coronavirus on a Thursday evening at 8.

The Police are such arseholes.


Speaking of Police

Police State, your emergency.


And finally...

That new Tampax advert is bloody awful.







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