14th May 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a speech on Sunday, laying out the first phase of easing the lockdown, and of course everyone was waiting to attack every word he said.

In fact, to be quite honest, it was embarrassing to see some people's reactions.  Some people were pretending to not understand what he meant, whilst others are genuinely thick.

Personally, I thought it was straight forward, everything remains the same apart from the stuff that doesn't.

That didn't stop half the celebrities making stupid tweets, pretending to be confused, presumbly for likes.

Looking stupid is NEVER a good look.

Others genuinely are stupid.  For example, one Facebook friend said, "I don't get it, I can't go see my family but I can play sport with my family.  That means I can only see my family if I play sport with them?"

After pointing out that she can play sport with members of her own household, she then went on to ask, "But what about social distancing?  I have to do it in the park, but how can I do it at home?"

After carefully weighing up if she really was dumb, I set her right, "You can go to the park with members of your household, you social distance from people who aren't"

I realised she wasn't playing the fool, she's genuinely a bit dim.

Yet there's plenty asking silly questions all over.  Can I do this, can I do that?

Use your common sense!

I believe Boris deliberately left the speech vague to give people the opportunity to use common sense, he shouldn't be there to tell you exactly what to do.

It's almost like some were expecting a personal call from the PM to tell them what time to get up and how to wipe their arse.

Come on!  Isn't it clear that yes whilst it says you can meet one of your family from a different household as long you're socially distant then it really doesn't matter if it's 2.  The point is about retaining that 2 metre distance and to avoid the temptation to hug.

If you need to be told when to do certain things I suggest you stay in, you're a danger to others!


Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan is not acting in your best interests


Lefty Loonies

I see the Lefty Loonies have been let out again, still continuing with their tired "The Government / Boris has blood on his hands", even though they/he hasn't actually murdered anyone.  Now they want the Government to be held to account (which is a fair request) however, what I don't think is right are the ones who have been saying, "If we can't find a law to do them under we should make one" which is a bit... erm... scary.


And finally...

Man almost dies after forgetting to breathe


Until next time, don't forget to breathe.