16th July 2020

Back again, hopefully heading back to the usual moany and entertaining rants rather than shit about BLM and other terrorist organisations.


World of Woke

We start this time with a new couple of episodes of World of Woke.

This time:


Ladies and gentlemen, we got him!

West Midlands Police were jubilant as fuck this week when they arrested a 12 year old boy.

His crime?  Rape?  Murder?  Touching up an alpaca?

Nope, sending nasty tweets to grown men.

For those who don't know. the boy sent racist tweets to Crystal Palace footballer Wilfred Zaha.

Now, don't get me wrong, sending racist tweets to a black man is bang out of order but is it really an arrestable offence?

People shouldn't be arrested for things they say, that's not free speech.  It might not be nice, I've seen the tweet, it's not nice at all but it shouldn't be something you're arrested for.

Naturally, all the kinder gentler Lefties suggested the kid goes to prison, along with his parents because you know, they taught him to be racist.

Now, nobody is born racist.  It has to be learned or picked up from somewhere but can you really blame the parents if you don't know them?

Of course you can't.

He might have the most well rounded parents there are, but you see, most kids have these things called "Friends".

And these "friends" often do and say things they wouldn't normally do or say when they're away from their parents. 

Kids also have these things called "phones" and "tablets".  You might have heard of them.  Hell, you might even be rerading this on one.  People behave differently behind a screen than they do in real life.

Now, let's get back to castigating the parents, shall we?

Do you have kids?  Do you know where they are right now?

Oh yes, little Liam is probably messing about on his phone, he's not doing anything nasty.  Oh no, not our Liam.  Brought up ever so good he was.

Check his phone, go on.  I dare you.

Ahhhhh. He's called one of his mates a "cunt", where did he learn that from eh?  YOU ARE SUCH A BAD PARENT.  INTO THE OVEN FOR YOU.

See, easy eh?

Now, think back.  You were 12 once.  You might have had great parents who taught you right from wrong.

You knew not to be racist, you knew not to swear, you knew not to steal.

But when you were with your mates or away from parents you did things you shouldn't.  Whose fault is that then?  Yours or your parents?

I'm not saying there aren't bad parents out there, there's fucking loads, but at the same time there's thousands of great parents who have brought their kids up to the best of their ability - don't go blaming them for every little shitty thing the kid does.


Facebook Fuckwitts

It's been a while since we laughed at some Facebook FuckwittsLaugh away, my good man.


And finally...

We investigate another fake advert!


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