27th July 2020

We start this time with a look at Facebook, because last week lots of people were pretty miffed at people who got pay rises.

"Thanks Boris", wrote one, we'll call her Melanie because, well, that's her name, "I'm pleased for those who got a pay rise but thanks alot Boris, you forgot about carers again!"

Now, let's get this right, when Melanie talks about carers she doesn't mean nurses and other hospital folk, she means carers - those who work in care homes or go to peoples houses.

She was fuming that she didn't get a pay rise off the Government when she actually works for a PRIVATE care home.  There are no such things as state run care homes, they're all private.

Why on earth would a pay rise for her come out the public coffers?

She's not the only one of course, there were others claiming to be key workers during the pandemic, all seemingly mad they didn't get a pay rise from a private company from the state.



More appalling adverts

The Wifi Blast, it's a truly terrible advert full of lies.


Facebook Fuckwitts

We are back with another Facebook Fuckwitt.

This time it's a Banking Scam.


Fake Adverts

Let's delve into another Fake Advert!


And finally...

The best, latest Conspiracy Theory.