9th August 2020

I saw this during a recent "protest":

blm reparations

Now, let's discuss.

Apparently WE are lucky that THEY only want reparations, not revenge.

Sorry, you want reparations for what?  There isn't a single living person today who WAS a slave, nor is there a single living person who OWNED a slave.  

It's purely just about the money and it couldn't be more scouse if it tried.

You want to talk about slaves?  Let's look at the modern equivalent.  Young girls and women, transported across the world to become sex workers.  They're the slaves.

What about the opredominantly Black slaves that are kept by Arabs?  Nobody is talking about that.

What about the slaves in AFRICAN countries?  People being kept as slaves in their own country by their fellow man.  Nobody is talking about that.

Why is nobody talking about the Uyghurs, a Muslim population of China who are taken by train and hidden away in camps to be "re-educated". Hmm, that's strange, haven't we seen the mass kidnap and murder of a race of people before?  It's almost like that never happened.

But it's China, right?  I mean, nobody will stand up to China because they send us cheap clothes, computers, phones, TVs and viruses.



Over in Ragwatch, Richard Hammond is struggling to get insurance despite being dead.


Remember Michael Carroll?

Well, he's rich again, thanks to Bitcoin!


And finally...

Spitting Image is coming back, here's why it's likely to be shit.



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