29th February 2016

So it turns out they are making a musical out of the 2005 Morecambe Bay Cockle Pickers tragedy.

A musical!

I hope they'll be using these classics on it...

In too deep by Genesis
Deep Deep Down by Hepburn
Underwater Love by Smoke City
Drowning by The Backstreet Boys
New From Monkey on Toast!
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This is for ADULTS ONLY, you never know when you might summon up the spirit of Jimmy Savile!
Speaking of Nonces...
A high court judge has banned the use of the word Girlfriend!
Citroen C1 Advert
Have you heard the adverts on the radio for the Citroen C1? They centre around "teenagers" being embarrassed by their parents, specifically Dad as he picks them up from places as such as nightclubs, called "Winkers".
All innocent you might think, until it points out that if the kid was over the age of 18 then they could have their own vehicle, namely a Citroen C1.  It's clearly a special deal with road tax and 3 years insurance included but it gives the impression these kids are going out and getting pissed.
But it's OK, because if they had their own motor Dad wouldn't have to pick them up, they'd be able to drive themselves home from the club....  Pissed.
One of the ads says that one of the girls will "be crying, as usual".  I bet she fucking is, when she's gone through the bastard windscreen of your car.
Way to go, Citroen, what a daft bloody advert!
And finally...
We have a rant about commuting on trains by guest writer Matt!