3rd March 2016

Sent your kid to school today for World Book Day dressed as a character out of a book?

You thought you had, now you’re not too sure.

Harry Potter?  Done to death.

Where’s Wally? Neat idea but everyone’s doing that now.

A Frozen character?  Yes that famous book, Frozen! 

You’re starting to waver aren’t you?

Gruffalo?  Not bad.

Willy Wonka? Meh.

Wimpy kid? That’s original, well done, but that’s going to get copied big time. (For once I’m not being sarcastic, seriously, good choice)

But have you considered that your kids are dressing as a character from a book that’s also a film? 

And it’s the film that’s influenced your choice, correct?

Has your child read all (or indeed ANY) of the Harry Potter books?  No?!

Oh, he’s not even old enough to watch the movies yet, so he knows who the character is but doesn't know why.

Classic, you might as well send him dressed as Hitler and say the book’s “Mein Kampf”.

So here at Monkey on Toast we’ve got some original outfits for next year, don’t say we’re not good to you!


Why not try:

Tom Gates from any of the Tom Gates books,

Any of the characters from the David Walliams books,

Bob the Ginger Cat,

Topsy and / or Tim (If you’ve Twins of each gender you’re onto a bloody winner there)

Roger Red Hat / Jennifer Yellow Hat / Billy Blue Hat

Dressing your kid as a Kindle? (Or a Nook eReader, I’ve a mate selling one cheap, £20)


And if you REALLY want to be original, dress your kid totally in white, write words all over them and say they’ve gone as a Dictionary.


My personal favourite, dress your kid up as the Prophet Mohammed from that well known book the Koran.  Kids love that shit.

Your kid might need to leave the school though, and possibly go into hiding.  How long do those Fatwa’s last now?

*Paging Salman Rushdie