8th March 2016

There has been a call to ban tackling in rugby matches at school due to claims that injuries may affect players later in life.

The ban has been called for under 18’s to play non-contact “Touch Rugby” instead.

Now, I’m no fan of egg chasing, in fact if I’m honest I have absolutely no idea what the fuck goes on in a rugby match but I can see that by players not being allowed to tackle and therefore not play the game properly will lead to a drop in the ability of the players and will affect the future of British clubs and the International teams alike.

Rugby, like Football and other sports played at school need to be taught properly at grassroots level. 

I’ve no problem with the school playing “touch rugby” for those who aren’t into the sport, it certainly needs to be played correctly or injuries can happen.  But what about those who take the sport a little more seriously?  Those who play for their school, shouldn’t they be playing it the correct way?

And what about those who play for teams outside of school, on a Sunday for example?  Some of these games have scouts in attendance, looking for future players for professional teams.

I fail to believe there are that many injuries occurring that there has to be a blanket ban on a crucial part of a sport.

This seems to me to be another example of people wanting to dumb down, the country is becoming soft.

Even though I’m not a rugby fan, I can still see that it a well followed and exciting sport; if tackling was taken away and all you had to do was touch an opponent to make them stop that would also take away the exciting moments where a player is tackled yet doesn’t fall to the floor and is able to continue play, possibly resulting in a Try.

What next?  Footballers not allowed to tackle?  All you have to do is get close to the player on the ball and shout “You there!  Stop!

Cricket balls only allowed to be thrown under arm?

Javelins to be replaced by straws?

Tennis to be banned altogether?  Now you come to mention it…

Sport in this country IS getting worse, money isn’t being invested as it should be – where are the next World Cup winners going to come from if they’re not coached properly from a young age?  Removing a fundamental part of a sport and expecting it to be taught later on in life (over 18, natch) could well be too late.

Touch Rugby… sounds like a game invented by a boy-hungry paedophile PE teacher from Eton, Mr Fred Rugby.


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