16th March 2016

Thunderbirds has went.

End of an era as the creator of Thunderbirds and voice of Lady Penelope Sylvia Anderson passes away.

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There's been a vape!

While the rise in popularity of the E-cig and the gradual drop in people smoking traditional cigarettes is probably a good thing, it hasn’t yet been proved that E-cigs are any better for your health.

But I have noticed that people who smoke E-cigs are more likely to partake in a “Vape” where they wouldn’t smoke a cigarette.

For example, I’m sure smoking in bed has gotten safer, and there has to be people who vape while having a shit, right?

But it seems people are more of a slave to their E-cig than they were cigarettes.

You see people puffing on them like their life depends on it, taking far more “hits” than they would a ciggie and vaping more frequently.

It’s gotten to the point where it appears to be more addictive than cigarettes and people bring vaping in to their everyday activities as they can’t do without it.

Surely this can’t be a good thing?

The worst ones are those who vape whilst driving!  Really, can you not go without a hit until you get to your destination?  You’re only off down the road, wait till you get there!

I have always been against smoking whilst driving, even when I was a smoker it was something I did only on long journeys.  I find that smoking whilst driving on the motorway is a damn sight safer than driving on smaller roads, particularly rat-runs!

How can you get round corners properly with a fag in your hand?  Especially when you’re trying to take a selfie as well.

I just don’t understand why people can’t wait until they’re getting to where they’re going to get that vapey hit.  You wouldn’t have a piss whilst driving would you?

And some of these E-cigs are huge!  I saw a woman vaping whilst driving the other day with an E-cig that was so big I genuinely thought she was playing the recorder!


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And finally...

Following on from the last update where I talked about Compensation Culture I bring you a new article about Ambulance Chasers.