31st May 2021

When Roman Protasevich paid Ryan Air for Priority Disembarking this probably isn't what he had in mind.

Let's be straight here, Belarus premeditatedly hijacked the flight by diverting it to Minsk and taking off just Protasevich.

It's utterly bizarre that they seem to have gotten away with it, had it been Iran or Iraq the US and UK would have armed forces on their way to "resolve" it.


Dominic Cummings

Lefties last year when Dominic Cummings allegedly broke Lockdown Rules

cummings mob 1


Lefties this year when he drops some shit on Boris & Handjob

cummings mob 2


Is that double standards I can smell?


Diane Abacus

Nice of Diane to post this tweet this week:

diane abbott blm

Who shot Sasha?  Was it white supremacists?  The English arm of the KKK? BNP thugs?

Oh, turns out she was shot by a black fella in a black gang.

Turns out Black Lives really don't Matter when it's black on black, eh?  Although I've said this before, several times.

The Tweet didn't get deleted of course, Diane loves a bit of race baiting, racist old soak.


And finally...

To vax or not to vax, that is the question


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