6th June 2021

Back again!  Welcome to another rip-roarin' Monkey!


We've some new episodes of World of Woke.

This time: Pigeon Street is back, and also Dogtanian takes a nasty turn.


John Spiracy

John is back and this time he's got a theory about the Manic Street Preachers


Irony Alert #591

claudia rich people

There are too many rich people, says MP who earns a fortune.

What Claudia really means is, "There are too many white people, white people must be abolished".

Get in the bin with Diane, racist.


Tabatha Higgs-Boson

Tabatha is back with a new article about the great unvaccinated.


Vex Luther

bbc luther

Well no, we didn't see THAT coming did we?

The BBC diversity chief has gone super woke now.  A black man is not black enough to play the part of a black character.

And the reason for that?  Because he doesn't play up to a STEREOTYPE!  Holy shit.

I had to check it wasn't April 1st with this one.

The BBC has gone full retard on this, and as you know, you never go full retard.

According to the BBC black people have to have black friends AND eat Caribbean food!

Which is a bit weird, because I think people from Nigeria and Ghana might be black and also not eat Caribbean food.  Does that mean they're not black either?

This is fucking mental, yet weirdly delightful at the same time as I think this is slowly the end of the BBC as we know it.  Their woke attitude and bias is starting to rub people up the wrong way, it's a slippery slope for the Beeb now, and I hope they're crucified for it.


Beth Wetter

Beth isn't taking any chances in bed.


Any finally...

There's a great debate about those who are vaccinated and those who are not.  And it's fucking disgusting.


Until next time, just live your life!



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