22nd March 2016

Ah, Easter.

The time when the number of cups in the house doubles, until we realise they're shit and fob them off with people at work.

Or use them for other things like topping up the iron or throwing at shithead kids in the street.

Never understood why easter eggs have to come with a bloody cup or mug.

What kind of kid gets half way through a chocolate egg and then pipes up, "By jove, Pater, I'll tell thee what, I'm ruddy well parched I am.  I think I'll use this magnificent Cadburys Creme Egg beverage vessel and go and make myself a steaming cup of coffee, what what."

And the cups ARE shit, as I alluded to earlier.  They are rarely white inside, and any fule know you can't make a decent brew from a cup with a coloured inside.

And another thing I've never understood about easter is the way that Hot Cross Buns affect inflation massively.

Sometimes you get 1 for a penny, sometimes you get 2, it's enough to batter George Osborne's head.

See, even Jesus did BOGOFF's.


Nava No No No

A 6 year old Native American girl has been removed from a foster home in California.

Someone must have had reservations about it.


Facebook fuckery

I like Facebook, it's a great way to keep in touch with mates, but by Christ there's some fucking idiots on it.


how to be a complete bastardA new version of the Koran was available