15th June 2021

On Saturday night, millions of people witnessed in horror Danish footballist Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest during a live game of soccerball between Denmark and Finland.

Former Arsenal and England player Alex Scott however managed to make it all about herself:

alex scott

It's such a woman thing to say.

"I can't believe what I'm witnessing.  There's a fella half dead on the pitch.  I better ring Mum to tell her I love her."

Why, does your mum play professional football?

It's just so pathetic and why women shouldn't be involved in football commentary.

I'm sorry but it's a man's sport.  The only thing worse than Women's Football is Scottish football.  FACT.


Scott Markett

You'll be pleased to see that Scott is back with a new stock market tip for June.


Beth Wetter

Meanwhile, Beth Wetter is boycotting the GB News advertisers.


Anti-Vaxxers are terrorists

anti vax terror  spread fear 

It seems the disfunctional Met Police counter-terror chief wants anti-vaxxers and
those who spread fear by misinformation to be classed as terrorists.

 Ah.. but it doesn't count when it's state sponsored....



And finally...

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

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