25th July 2021

Hey all, back again after a few weeks break.

So, if there's one book you read this year it has to be "A State of Fear" by Laura Dodsworth.

It's not some crank or conspiracy theory nonsense, it's how fear has been weaponised to make us compliant etc during COVID.

It's a really good read and what's quite spooky is that there's a lot in the book that mirrors what we've been saying on here for months... which clearly means we're right! :)

Give it a read, you won't be disappointed.


Would I lie to you? #3

Still think the MSM et al aren't telling you porkies?

Well, here's a good one:


 msm lies 3 darren 1

Darren's not been vaccinated yet... and now he's super poorly.

msm lies 3 darren 2

Except Darren's an actor.  


And here's another Matthew, also unvaccinated and in hospital:


msm lies 3 mathhewr 1

Oh.. he's a crisis actor too.

msm lies 3 mathhewr 2

It must be a huge co-incidence all these unvaccinated sceptic ACTORS are suddenly at deaths door in hospital, all lamenting not "grabbing a fucking jab".

Sure Jan.


GB News

The Grauniad via "comedian" Stewart Lee asks if GB News is a threat to democracy?

gb news threat to democracy

Not sure why they ask such a dumb arse question, it's a news channel.  When you read the article it doesn't even mention anything about democracy.

So the answer, as you can imagine is, "No, is it fuck, you dumb bastard".


Creeping Fasicm?

The curious case of Boris Johnson.


Basement Vaxx

I see the vaccinated are still complaining about unvaccinated people like they pose a threat to their wellbeing...

Look at this pissflute:

covid vaccinated do your bit

Fully vaccinated, tests positive for COVID, 

Blaming other people for it

So who is not doing "their part"? The unvaccinated?

Because if the dude is Fully Vaxxed (TM) then it shows that you CAN still get COVID - which is not news to anyone since about, ooh, January.

How does he know he hasn't caught COVID off, you know, another Full Vaxxer (TM)?

These people are retarded.


vaccinated riddle


And finally...

The doctor will see you now (actually he won't)


Until next time! 

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