8th December 2021

Ahh!  Sorry we were gone for so long again, been working on an unrelated project which has taken up all the spare time!


First up this time, there's a story about a murderer!


Speaking of Insulate Britain

Was it a set-up?


Gret Bigg-Turdberg

She's back and wants to lecture us on single use plastics.


The Omicron Variant

Who would have thought they would dream up a new scariant this close to Christmas eh?  Isn't it uncanny?

I mean, it turned up in South Africa just 2 weeks ago and already they say it's going to be the dominant strain.

Funny how they seemed to know so much about it just 3 days after it was announced.  Is it not strange that the South African Health Association downplayed it, saying it was little more than a cold?

Yet we're going nuts over it.  Time to wake the fuck up folks.


The Moronic Variant

Vaccinated people hating on unvaccinated


And finally...

We'll be back very soon folks, we're absolutely fuming about what's going on right now.

Expect another update come the weekend.