14th December 2021

So we never quite made it back for the weekend - busy times and that!

However, still fucking angry!

People are angry at Boris and his cronies attending parties at Number 10 last year.  

"What does it matter?", some people say, "it's just a party"

Well, for starters, it wasn't just A - singular party, there were several.

Boris and his twats broke the rules.

Now, I'll let you into a little secret... I broke the rules too last year.  Multiple times.

You see, I travelled across the country to see family.  I had to travel between the house I was selling and to my wife and daughter who were living 50 miles away.

Maybe that's not classed as breaking the rules, but you know what, I don't care.

So can I really complain when I see people like Neil Ferguson, Dominic Cummings etc breaking the rules?  Well, yes - yes I can.

Here's why:

I didn't go on TV telling people to stay at home, I didn't tell the nation that if you mixed with other people you'd kill your granny.  I didn't break lockdown to have it away with a married woman, despite telling the media there would be an unrealistic number of deaths or make wild predictions.

I didn't ruin Christmas for everyone or close the pubs despite the social distancing measures and table service working perfectly fine.

I didn't ruin peoples lives, finances, businesses or livelihoods.

At least it's given us a new Christmas Carol this year:

At the twelth party at Number 10, Michael Gove gave to me:
Twelve MP's bumming
Carrie Johnson griping
Ten Lords-a-groping
Matt Hancock dancing
Government Aides-a-bonking
Sajid's Secret Santa
Six MP's lying
Four Call Girls
Three lines of coke
Two White Doves
And some Chablis with some Brie


THAT'S why people are angry, it's the sheer hypocrisy of the man.  And he wants to do it all again.

I'll be honest, I know some good people in the media.  I have contacts that can provide good info around a few different subjects, and I have it on good authority that some of the restrictions that Boris is wanting to place on us now is purely to get back at the journalists who have investigated Partygate.  It's spiteful and it won't affect that fat, Albino ponce one jot.

We have a right to be angry, especially when the new measures aren't even necessary.  Omicron is no more than a bad cold, it's winter for fucks sake - It's normal!



Would I lie to you?

Still think you're being told the truth by the media?

Such as GMTV the other day where the charlatan Doctor SHILLary Jones claimed that 90 - yes 90 percent of people in hospital with COVID are unvaccinated.  The official ONS website says that figure is 35.6%.

Only 4% of beds in England are taken up by COVID patients.


And finally...

A rant about the NHS.