19th December 2021

Hey all!  Back again.  It was nice to receive good feedback of late, keep it coming, it makes it worthwhile even if we can't always dedicate the time we need to this project.


She's back

Tabatha Higgs-Boson is back and she's really feeling festive.


Would I lie to you?

Still think the media are telling you truth about COVID?

A few weeks ago ITV News tweeted that the head of NHS England said that hospital admissions were up 14% on this time last year.  How is that even possible considering we're told that nearly 80% of the UK has been vaccinated?

For clarification, that's 14% higher from November last year to this November.  A time from when we were ALL unvaxxed.

 ITV hospital admissions

It was only when she was prompted to clarify did she say this was based on the data from August this year!  So she's going from August 2020 to August 2021!

Sky News got in on the act as well... 

sky news 14 percent

And then deleted the Tweet.

Meanwhile, in Australia this headline was run in an Aussie paper:

australia kid death

A child is LOST to COVID19, how terrible!  Except right at the end it says the child didn't die from COVID and wasn't hospitalised because of it.

He had menigitis.


Speaking of deleted Tweets...

gmtv deleted tweet

When GMTV ran this poll and after almost 45,000 votes didn't go the way they thought it might - Yes, you guessed it, they deleted it.

And finally for this section...

wales online queues

Just this week, Wales Online ran this tweet - suggesting there were massive queues for the booster with people waiting up to 5 hours.

Don't know if this was to encourage or discourage people from going for it.  HOWEVER, this is clearly not from this week.

Nobody in ANY coats.  All in t-shirts, plenty of shorts to be seen.  Either winter in Wales is REALLY fucking warm or they've just taken a stock photo and tried to suggest it was real.



Climate Activist

In Christmas lights shame.


The hospital?  What is it?

It's a big building with lots of patients, but that's not important right now.

Actually it is, because some people don't seem to understand what they are.

Here's my handy cut out and keep Introduction to Hospitals.


Social Media Shitheads

We've not had one for ages, and there's plenty about.

This one caught my eye this week.


Insulate Britain activist

dies in prison.


We're only interested in bad news

This is an interesting Twitter exchange between the editor of Spectator and someone who works for Sage.

sage models bad outcomes

You can read it yourself but Graham Medley of Sage basically confirms that they only model what they're asked to model, which doesn't include the good news.

It seems Boris et al have already made the decisions up front and then ask Sage to create a model that agrees with the restrictions to be brought in - WHY isn't it the other way round?

We know Omicron is more transmissable BUT the level of sickness is on a par with a heavy cold - Why aren't we listening to South Africa on this?  They were supposed to have experienced it first.

And Sajid Javid said the other day that cases were doubling every 2-3 days, well the cases for the last 3 have been: 93K, 90K and today 82K.  We've probably seen the peak, just like SA did.

Sage and dickhead Ferguson have been wrong all the way through this, they have ZERO credibility left.


And finally...

Are you a virologist


That's all for this time folks.  Have a lovely Christmas and New Year, wherever you are.  See you on the other side.



boosters millions

Coming soon to a cinema near you!