22nd February 2022

Well, it had to happen eventually... I was ravaged by Our Deadly Virus (tm).

Or not.  As it turned out, I didn't end up in ICU on a ventilator like all the COVID Cultists suggest happens to everyone.

I didn't need hospital treatment.

In fact, I've had worse colds in all honesty.

A sore throat for a week and a bit bunged up was the total payload of Our Deadly Virus (tm).

In other words, COVID has now mutated to be ... shock horror...  A COLD.


Would I lie to you?

Still think the Mainstream Media tell you the truth?

This must be the world's unluckiest man.  Here he is in 3 different hospitals at the same time:

man in 3 hospitals

Unvaccinated man has Omicron and is seriously ill.  Sure.



Speaking of being lied to.  Are we still suggesting that COVID has killed almost 160,000 in this country?  We are, aren't we?

So, you'll be surprised to learn then that this figure is, well, bullshit.

I know, right?

See, the ONS have finally revealed, due to a Freedom of Information request that the true number of people who died in the UK PURELY from COVID (i.e no underlying conditions) amounts to less than 8,000.

We locked down the country, destroyed children's education, destroyed people's livelihoods and potentially some industries for good for less than 8,000 people.

Isn't that sickening?

Oh, I know you're going to say, "But Mr Monkey, 8,000 people have died, are you heartless?"

And I shall retort with the fact that people die every day.  Less than 8,000 people in over 2 years is less than a normal flu season.  

The others who have died have died WITH the virus, simply not because of it.   In other words, they died within 28 days of testing positive and had underlying conditions; the average age of death still remains at 84 years old.


Finally in this part, the MSM wants to keep people fearing.  Take a look at the headline of this article about Lassa Fever:

lassa fever


"Deadly fever with pandemic potential"

Now read the body of the article highlighted:

There were 2 cases, it is incredibly rare and does not spread easily between people.

It's not airborne, it passes through bodily fluids.

See how these cunts want to keep you in fear forever?  Wankers.


 Long COVID...

The new Bad Back


block ads

Here's an advert telling how you how to block adverts.

Irony Factor 8, Mr Chekov.


A few things about COVID I'd like to know...

Why have no rich, white men died of COVID?  How come nothing happened to them?

Why have no celebrities died from it?  You see COVID theatre on game shows and chat shows (socially distanced and / or separated by plastic screens) yet they're all mingling together behind the scenes in the green room.

If masks make so much of a difference why are people allowed to just discard them on the floor?  If they're supposedly holding a deadly virus in it then why aren't there bio bins on every street, manned by a dude in a hazmat suit?


Social Media Shitheads - Mini Edition

facebook covid holiday

So, a friend's wife posted this the other day.

Cue loads of people with the "OMG!  I hope he's alright!" and "Hope he gets well soon!  How awful" posts.

It's almost like people don't bother to read the bit in brackets where it says HE HAS NO SYMPTOMS AND IS FINE.

You have become so conditioned to think that COVID is a killer that you shit your pants when you hear someone has it.  Stop it.

 Btw - They've gone on holiday now.  


Jimmy Carr

Is hate speech and should be sent to prison


And finally...

Pfizer - Heroes or Villains?