13th July 2016

When I saw this headline on the BBC site:

I actually thought, "Well that won't do her chances of becoming Labour leader much good"


More EU woes

The EU is set to ban black olives.


Facebook Fuckwitts

There's more gullible idiots on Facebook.


Can we just...

Stop killing each other?


Andy Burnham is a tosser

I always thought Andy Burnham was alright, a bit of a gem in a pool of wankers.

But it seems I was wrong, after his announcement on Twitter today:

I have often wondered why the BBC refer to ISIS as "so-called Islamic State", but to campaign for it not to be used is ridiculous.

They are not Islamic or a State, the prized prick says.

Of course they're fucking Islamic, you colossal cockwomble.  They're hardly fucking agnostics or atheists are they?

And to say they're not a state?

I beg to differ, they're a right fucking state, if you ask me.

Let's just call them Ken from now on then, eh?


Speaking of ISIS

Word reaches Toast Towers about ISIS relaxing the women driver rule.