16th July 2016

Pokemon Go

Seems this new game is all the rage now, with people wandering around with their phones looking for Pokemon characters in their street.

I saw a Pokemon in the street once, right after I'd had an acid tab.

Here's a rare one I found yesterday

So what next for these "games"?  Rumour has it the Police are going to start using it in their fight against crime.

They're going to wander around looking at their phones to see where the nasty crims are and then go in the opposite direction, looking for someone who called someone on Twitter a "twat" or something.

There's going to be loads of copies of this game, can see it now.

So, Monkey on Toast Gaming Enterprises presents a new "Augmented Frielity" game for you!

Get your phone out, and hunt down those Anna Friels.



Not very Nice

It seems that Nice wasn't a terror attack after all.


Worst series of Big Brother, ever!