Big Tech - The conspiracy

john spiracy

Hey all!  John here and welcome to my first foray in the world of Conspiracies.  I'll bring you the truth about what's going on in the world.

In this article I'll investigate Big Tech and how they're meddling in every day lives, stripping us of our freedom.


You may be familiar with Big Tech closing Parler, suspending accounts on Twitter and Facebook?  Well, just last week I became a victim to this myself and I'm frightened, frightened for the future of the Internet and those who want to control it.

Take a look at this post on Facebook:

john spiracy big tech

I had intended to join my weekly Parish Council meeting, something that has moved to Zoom during this Pandemic but last week I was unable to do so.

Just what had happened to Zoom?  Were they blocking the meeting so that we couldn't have our discussion?  Are we being silenced in our Parish?  We're being stripped of our rights by tech firms, hellbent on controlling us. They don't want us to have our discussions about speed cameras, litter and the size of Mrs Miggins' Scones.

Let's fight this fight, we will not silenced by Big Tech.

Next week's meeting will be over yoghurt pots and string, together we'll get through this.

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