Review 2 - Pfizer

Well darlings, one had the Pfizer vaccine a few weeks ago now.

I must say that it had a strange taste, sort of like a mixture of raspberry and mango.  Not what I'd mix with some Gin anyway, it's simply one or the other; one or the other, darlings!

One didn't get any immediate side effects other than a sore arm but darlings I have to say that it left one feeling, well, rather frisky you see.

The next day one found oneself with this absolutely massive wide-on, had to go to the chemist for one of those "Morning After" pills, if you know what I mean?

Thankfully it seemed to work, but I'm rather worried about getting the 2nd dose if it has the same effect!  It might mean I'll be getting a 2nd dose from Gregory at the corner shop too!

Overall Rating: 4 / 10 - Good at stopping Corona virus but left me dripping like a knackered fridge.

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