My Pokemon bring all the kids to the yard

Mega-Nonce Don Clifton is luring kids to his house by claiming his yard contains “loads of Pokemon”.

The kiddy fiddler, jailed 4 times for molesting children over the space of 30 years is using the new Pokemon Go game to encourage children to enter his garden.

So he can try to enter them.

Dirty Don, 62 was quick to put signs up outside his house to catch on the new game-craze but it seems local residents have thwarted his attempts.

He’s a right dirty old man”, said one resident, “he’s been trying to get kids in his garden for days now

We dressed an undercover analyst up as a child, armed with an iPhone and a tazer and sent her into his yard.

When Don came out to speak to her he told her that “some of the Pokemon in the garden are hiding, but inside there’s one that looks like a sausage

When our undercover agent revealed herself to be an adult, Don became defensive but did concede that he “gotta catch ‘em all