Sports Direct to pay staff with bags

 Sports goods retailer Sports Direct is to pay their staff with Bags for Life, we can exclusively reveal.

 The retailer has come under considerable criticism of late as it transpired they were paying staff less than the new "Minimum Wage", also known as the  "National  Living Wage".

 The company who is fronted by Newcastle United owner, Mike Cashley hit upon the idea in a bid to save the company from spending more than it needs to.

  A senior source told our mole, "Since we got bollocked by the Government we've started to pay people properly now but we owe what is commonly known as 'a  shit load' of back pay, and it seems we can do that with goods rather than money"

The plan, hatched by what is known in the trade as "a complete cunt", allows the company to pass on goods in lieu of money.

"Nobody buys the bags", continued our source, "so we've got a fuck load of them sat around.  At a pound a go we're shifting them onto the employees who are owed back pay"

It is thought the move will start a run of auctions on Ebay, as employees try to sell the brand new bags for less than the £1 value.

Financial experts are worried.

We spoke to a financial expert, Hogan Griffin-Tempest, who told us, "We've got to be careful, this could be more of a threat than that Brexit thing we were wrong about"