Ryan Giggs in line for every job going

Ryan Giggs is to be in line for every single British football manager post for the next 20 years, a football insider tells us.

The former Manchester United star and general snake has been out of work since Jose Mourinho told him to fuck off in July.

However, despite having done his coaching badges and the grand total of 4 games in charge of a first team he is said to be in line for any management jobs that come up in British football.

Giggs, who shagged his own sister in law for several years is said to be desperate to get back into management, and therefore will be linked with all available jobs for the next 20 years.

It will become law that he will be linked with the Cardiff and Swansea jobs several times a year, simply because he is Welsh.

Naturally the Welsh Wizard has his eye on a top job, a source close to him said, "He has his eye on a top job.  I have my eye on him though, I think he's got his eye on my wife"

Giggs was unavailable for comment.  He just stood there staring, with his mouth open.

The gormless prick.