Who ya gonna call? Filibusters.

A Tory MP has been accused of Filibustering during a House of Commons debate to ban Filibustering.

Wankers, yesterday.

Brendan Gobshite, MP for Kanye West is accused of attempting to derail the "Talking Nonsense Act 2016" from being passed by talking non-stop for 60 minutes about absolutely nothing.

The debate for the Bill follows an online petition in which there were in excess of 250,000 signatures in order to end the delaying tactic.

Gobshite is no stranger to talking rot, his previous debating topics include:

  • The change of Marathon to Snickers bars
  • Cornflakes
  • The origin of USB
  • Cakes through the centuries

It is thought the Bill will not be debated again until 2017, hopefully on a day when Gobshite is off sick.