Monkey on Toast TV Gameshow

Following on from the "One off" return of classic 80's and 90's TV Gameshow, "The Crystal Maze", Monkey on Toast TV is proud to annouce a new gameshow:

The Fritzl Maze Starring Josef Fritzl

In this original show, contestants have to escape from a secret underground bunker, pictured.

By travelling through each room and picking up points the contestants will be able to use the points, if they're lucky to escape.

You know what points make, prizes.

But it won't be an easy task as the contestants have to navigate through tight rooms whilst avoiding obstacles such as Water Traps, Rapists and "Mass Bummings".

Pictured above are just some of the points that can be won for escaping some of the rooms, converted into prizes at the end, just like at the arcades in Blackpool.