Climate activist in Christmas lights shame

A climate change activist from Bristol has been shamed after it emerged he put up extravagant Christmas lights on the outside of his house.

christmas lights

Russell Hobbes, 52, has long campaigned about climate change and in particular prides himself on having a "near zero carbon footprint".

However, evidence has emerged which shows this to be the contrary.

Hobbes is said to be very critical of people who leave lights on in empty rooms and has been heard to utter "... it's like bloody Blackpool illuminations in 'ere" at his children many times over the years.

He even goes so far to turn OFF all appliances at the plug every night.

The damning photograph has made its way to social media where people are calling him "silly", "stupid" and "a daft cunt".

We approached Russell to get his view on his hypocrisy but he was unavailable for comment as he had all his devices switched off.