• Yes it's true, I have been a naughty boy.

    What have I done?

    Well, I've been in shops, sans facemask.

    " Glory be! ", you squeal.

    Mark off your COVID Bullshit Bingo, folks.


    SELFISH   green tick


    ON A VENTILATOR  green tick

      angry kid


    You know what? I

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  • There's a war coming, and to be honest I'm worried.

    This is a different type of war, it's not about religion, money or oil.

    No, this one is about vaccines.

    You see, the media is pushing a narrative for people who are vaccinated to unfriend those people who aren't.


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  • Remember when we entered Lockdown last March, I mean proper Lockdown?

    There was a sense of community, tough British spirit and we all parroted out that heinously nauseating phrase " Stay safe ".

    Remember it?

    It was quite pleasant for a while wasn't it?  The country was at one (apart from the

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  • If there's 2 words that have been massively overused in the last 15 months, one has to be "Unprecedented", what's the other?


    No, it's "Selfish".

    You see, social media has enabled people to become so pompous, holier-than-thou and virtue signally that their go to word now is "Selfish".

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  • How do you know when someone's a Vegan?  They'll tell you, every. damn. day.

    Just after Christmas a TV commercial aired, I don't recall for which brand but it went along the lines of:

    " My 4 year old daughter came to me the other day and said, 'Daddy, I don't

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