• The Government has failed us all - from mishandling the COVID pandemic to using the pandemic to strip us of our rights and hand money to their mates.

    They've used propaganda to keep you in check, telling you lies to keep you fearing; they've used emergency powers to bring in new

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  • BBC presenter Anti Rani claims that she didn't win Strictly Come Dancing because she's not white.

    strictly racist

    Really?  Having a "brown face" could have stopped her reaching the final?

    I suppose me having no talent for dance nor the inclination to learn and participate probably stopped me from getting to the

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  • Actually, he won't.

    Isn't it time our GP's were held to account now?  Even charged with negligence?

    Since Lockdown last March it has been impossible to see a GP, the best you can hope for is a phone call, which is fine if you just need to confirm something like

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  • This is the weakest Conservative Government I can remember, and there's been a few in the last few years.

    If you thought Theresa May was pony, Boris has got nothing on her. (She had much better legs though)

    vic reeves trousers

    But what is strange is that Boris started off quite strong.  He'd

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  • Yes it's true, I have been a naughty boy.

    What have I done?

    Well, I've been in shops, sans facemask.

    " Glory be! ", you squeal.

    Mark off your COVID Bullshit Bingo, folks.


    SELFISH   green tick


    ON A VENTILATOR  green tick

      angry kid


    You know what? I

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