• Remember at the start of the pandemic there was a clamouring to get a vaccine made that would get us " out of this mess "?

    It was something we were hoping for quickly, but most of us knew that it takes time to deliver an effective vaccine against a new virus

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  • If you saw this tweet you'd mistake it for a parody account wouldn't you?

    jimmy carr prosecute

    Until you realise it's for real.  See, Julie McKenzie is part of the SNP, a thoroughly hateful bunch of cunts who are run by a tin pot dictator and Jimmy Krankie look-a-like.

    So what does this

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  • Long COVID, a medical condition that sounds like a North Yorkshire village is the new "bad back", isn't it?

    It's one of those things that's fairly impossible to prove, especially if you think someone is taking the piss at work.

    " Can't come in today boss, bad back you see "

    " Prove

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  • On Sunday, Nadine Dorries announced the funding model for the BBC was to change.

    Essentially, the TV licence was to be abolished, ergo it would no longer be a criminal offence NOT to have one.

    What has been announced so far is that the licence fee itself will be frozen

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  • As "Partygate" rumbles on the sheer desparation can be seen from all sides.

    First up though, lets address these "parties".

    A few bell ends having a glass of wine, a few lines of charlie and chatting shit in Number 10 does not a party make.  It doesn't sound to me

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