Who are E-bay kidding?

I hate E-bay adverts, pretty sure I've said it before with Fill your cart with disputes.

However, it's the new adverts with the voiceover guy who sounds, well, just sounds a bit council if I'm honest.

A bit grubby, know what I mean?

However, as much as that irks me, it's not this I have the issue with.  No, it's the wording on the adverts.

"Sarah's after a new phone so she's selling all her old stuff, and with ALL THE MONEY she'll make she'll be buying that new iPhone XpensiveAF in no time!"

All the money.  Do E-bay actually know that people don't really make much money on there?  I mean, sure, there are people who earn loads but they're shops and they're selling things on "Buy It Now", they also have the same goods on Amazon and any other online market, desperate to sell.

But what about those people who sell second hand?

(I've written extensively about E-bay before)

See, what the advert suggests is that Sarah, who is desperate to buy a new phone, just needs to sell all her old tat and she'll make hundreds of pounds to buy a fancy new mobile outright.

Doesn't happen though does it?  Ever tried to sell your old tat?  Most of it is worth something, but it's like being at a car boot sale, you put something up for £5 and some tosser offers you £2.50.

Sure, I'll accept half of what I wanted, you utter shitehawk.  You wouldn't go in to Tesco, pick up some beer for £4 and offer them £2 would you?

Granted, you're selling second hand goods but if you're selling it at the price it's worth then you should be entitled to get that price for it.

But you don't of course.  It doesn't sell and and you relist lower. 

It'll probably sell the next time around for less of course.

Don't get me wrong, E-bay is useful for selling stuff, it's a decent marketplace site but it won't make you rich like they seem to suggest.

Meanwhile, "Sarah wants some new sex toy so she's cleaned and listed all her old vibrators and with all the money she earns she'll have the Fuckmaster 500 in no time at all!"

E-bay, fill your cart with dildos.