Why are banking adverts bad AIDS?

There seems to be a consistency between banking adverts and you know what it is?  No, not banking.

The fact that they're absolute dogshit.

Why is that?  I mean, when you look back at banking adverts over the years and what we've had to endure you instantly think of that bulb Howard from the Halifax.

And then there's that twat Craig from, er, the Halifax.

And them 2 twats who I can't name but you know who I mean.

It's all just gimmicky shit these days.  Howard dancing, pretending to be your average man in the street.

Nope, doesn't wash.

Craig and the Ghostbusters rip off.

Nope.  It just doesn't work.  What the hell is the connection between Ghostbusters and the Halifax?  Absolutely fuck all.

In fact, it feels like they used the Ghostbusters theme simply so they could use the "We got one!" line, as if any business is delighted at getting a contactless debit card.

Way to go guys, you can spend £30 of company money.

Fuck off.

Banking is boring, banking adverts should be boring.

Tell us about the product, give us facts and figures and then piss off.

I don't want to see dancing and singing, there's Meerkats for that.


Look back at the 80s adverts for example, good old Griffin here with the Midland.  He told us how it was, or should I say good old Richard Briars (May he rest in peace) told us about the bank and their cash machines.

There was no singing and dancing and trying to be cool when you're probably more of a danger to minors.

In fact, when it comes to Craig at the Halifax and children he should be like his debit card - Contactless.

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