Not just the tip, up to the grip

Who here has seen that new Tampax advert?  It's essentially a fake TV chat show where 2 women are talking about tampons.

The show, called "Tampons and Tea" tells women (not Trans Women, of course) how to correctly insert a tampon.

The strapline seems to be "Not just the tip, right up to the grip", which is a tad worrying, overly graphic and a bit disgusting at the same time.

tampax advert

I mean, I'm not a squimish guy.  I know how all this stuff works but how necessary is it?

And everytime I see this advert it seems to be tea time, so thanks for that.

It just seems a little unncessary if you ask me.  I get that some people might not know how to use them the first couple of times, but are there really people out there who see this advert and go, "Oh shit!  So that's why my undies are soaked with blood everytime I have my monthly? Thank god I have learned how to use them after 20 years."

Surely the box has a leaflet in, that must have some proper instructions, right?

I just don't want to see this kind of advert really, especially when I'm eating.

It puts me right off my medium-rare steak.


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