I saw an article on Twitter the other day from the Irish Independent:

irish bird flu


First line!  Get the fear going!

Yes, indeed, bird flu could be the next pandemic!

But wait, risks to general population low.


First up, let's just say this is a right load of old horse shit.

But it got me thinking.

Isn't it strange that the pandemics affecting animals only ever seem to be the animals that we eat?


Avian flu = Chickens / hens / turkeys

Swine flu = Pigs

Cow flu = Well, cows, massive clue in the name

Foot and mouth disease = Pigs, sheep and cattle


All of these things which caused a "crisis" in the UK were totally exaggerated.

Remember the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001?  Thousands of perfectly healthy animals were destroyed.  Remember our Covid Twat Professor Neil Ferguson?

He predicted 150k people would die from it.  The final result?  200.

BSE, remember that?   All that cattle destroyed even though it wasn't affected.  Mr Ferguson again predicted 50k deaths!  Final result, 177.

The original bird flu in 2005.  You'll never guess who was involved.  Yep, Mr Ferguson and his knackered calculator.  ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE would die from this virus!  Reality, 282 worldwide.

And finally, Swine flu in 2009.

He was involved again!  Up to 65k people in the UK would die.

There were in fact less than 460.  His calculations were a little rash(er).


But to return to the original point, do you not find it strange that all these pandemics and crises only affects the food we eat?

We know there is an ambition to get people eating less meat, this has been going on for years.  Throw in the amount of zealous vegans and vegetarians these days trying to shame people into not eating meat, the stupid Net Zero climate con and the WEF's plans only heightens the effects of these events.  


Now, granted, there's "likely" to be more risk in animals that are farmed.  I guess.  I'm not a farmer, I'll consult one.

But, I really don't believe that the only animals that seem to be affected by influenza are the same that we eat.


Why aren't we seeing Squirrel Flu for example?  Or Slug Flu.  That could be a martial arts film now that I come to think of it.

Isn't it strange?

There isn't a Lion-a-virus or a BAT-21 (that was a film starring Gene Hackman).

All animals we don't eat.  Well, in the civilised world anyway.


There is no doubt, there is a direct attack on meat eaters, even vegetarians who will eat eggs, and spreading fear using a "virus" has been proven to work several times even if the animals themselves are healthy and showing no symptoms.

COVID has shown that people can be controlled very easily, this new "wave" of bird flu will continue that tradition if we let it.


Oh, and to go back to Twitter.  The first response I saw was some retarded loon claiming there will be another pandemic within 10 years due to our ability to get around the world now.

Er.  It's been possible to get cheap flights from the likes of Easyjet since the mid nineties.  Does this dude think people have only just started travelling now?  I hope to god he doesn't have a passport!

Journalist Isabel Oakeshott recently made the headlines by releasing what was termed as the "Lockdown Files" in a series of articles for The Telegraph.

Oakeshott was the ghostwriter for Matt "The Twat" Hancock's book "Pandemic Diaries" where he opens up on his experience as Health Secretary during the high times of COVID-19.

Strangely, there's no mention in the book about killing off old folk in care homes with Midazolam, we can only assume that comes out in his next book hopefully entitled, "The Prison Diaries".

matt hancock

To the tune of Chuck Berry's "My ding-a-ling":

"Midazolam, Midazolam, I want you to take this Midazolam.

Midazolam, woah, Midazolam, I want you to take this Midazolam"

That's an earworm for the next month, you're welcome.


Anyway, enough about the cretinous, evil wanker that is Matt Handjob, back to Oakeshott.

So, she's friends with Matt the Twat and agreed to ghostwrite his book.  She signed an NDA and was duly given full access to Evil Matt's WhatsApp messages etc.


She's since broken that NDA and has released those conversations which features lots of juicy bits, including one message where Twatty Matty wanted to "deploy the new variant" and "Frighten the pants of [sic] everyone".

Now, I'm assuming the word "deploy" in this context isn't the Government actually releasing a new a virus on the country but putting the fact a new variant exists out into the public domain.

But the fact he wanted to "frighten the pants off" the country in order to comply with nonsensical measures over a year after the original virus hit the streets says it all.

I'll admit to being a little frightened of the virus in the early days, but that didn't last long when I saw silly things like videos of people literally (honest) dropping dead in the streets in China - why didn't that happen anywhere else?

All the misinformation such as the Bergamo image of coffins of supposed COVID deaths that was years old, all those things led me to question it quite early on.

I've written about this stuff so much over the last 3 years, I don't really want to keep harping back to it, so I won't.


However, it's clear the virus wasn't as bad as we were told.  Remember Chris Whitty saying it was rare and for most people it will be really mild if they got it?  Then suddenly a week or 2 later we were bombarded with fear?

People like Hancock knew this, yet they continued to lie, misinform and use guilt laden propaganda to get people to comply.

The conversations on WhatsApp are frankly disturbing, that senior Government ministers and our own Prime Minister would behave in such a way.

Should we really be surprised though?  This Tory Government is the worst since the previous one and the one before that.


So, back to Isabel.

Why did she wait until now to release these messages?  Did she have a sudden pang of conscience?  Did she wait until the book was done and she'd managed to collate all the messages and get it all together?

Granted, it takes time to put things like that together and newspapers will often sit on a story for months and then it may never get published.  For example, I am aware of a story that's been sat waiting with a redtop paper about a certain well known footballer for months.  I don't think it will ever come out... Don't ask, you'll not get :)


Whilst I think Isabel deserves some credit for going "balls deep" in this and releasing this information, one can't help but feel it's being used as a distraction to a mountain of other shit that's going on right now. It's hard not to feel sceptical when things like this come out, especially as The Telegraph were as bad as the other papers with the fear porn (with the exception of Alison Pearson).

Still, if it turns some COVID zealots to the other side it can only be a good thing....




hancock shipman

I do quite a lot of YouGov surveys and was quite surprised with one that I did recently.

It actually asked "Is Authoritarianism better than Democracy?"

I was quite taken aback by this to be honest, I mean, WHAT THE FUCK, YOUGOV?

Unfortunately there wasn't a "FUCK NO!" button to press so I could only go with "NO".  But it left me with a dark sense of unease because quite often YouGov use these to canvas people around things that are happening or about to happen.

For example, I remember being asked about masks coming back towards the end of 2021, clearly registering a "STRONGLY OPPOSE" (because they're fucking useless and you've all been had, but that's another story for another day) and then they came back.  These surveys are used to canvas public opinion then present them back to the Government, probably faked as well.

What on earth would possess someone to ask that question in the first place?

Who the hell wants Authoritarianism over Democracy?  Apart from Despots, Dictators and fucking idiots who can't think for themselves, of course.

YouGov surveys have been a bit strange recently.  I did one that asked questions about Cryptocurrencies - asking if I'd traded it or used it for paying for things.

Which got me feeling a bit "Oh god, CBDC here we come!"

But then it segued into things or services I'd rented in the past or will rent in future.

The whole thing just felt very Great Reset-ish.

You know, the "You'll own nothing and be happy" Conspiracy Theory that definitely isn't a Conspiracy Theory given there's a fucking book about it by the Head of the WEF.

The premise of owning nothing is that we'll all rent out stuff.  You won't own a dinner service for example, you'll rent it and then when you've washed it it'll get picked up by some chap until you hire it again.

You have to question why the Government are pushing these kind of questions on a survey though.  Are they preparing us for a final assault on our freedoms?

Be afraid, be very afraid.


The cabal is planning for us to live in 15 minute cities, maybe you've heard of this?

As a way of trying to sweeten the deal to us plebs they're also known as LTN's or "Low Traffic Neighbourhoods".

Cyclists appear to love the idea whereas normal people aren't so keen.

However, there are always some people who will buy in to it.

On the face of it, having everything within 15 minutes of where you live sounds alright doesn't it?

You'll not need to travel anywhere for anything.

But what if you need or want to visit family? Or god forbid actually go to the office?

Or, well, anywhere else really?


Oxford were the first council to officially announce the idea.

15 minute city

The concept is to divide the city into zones or cells as they've also been known.  It's being sold as a way to reduce traffic going through Oxford city centre itself.

Sounds a good idea?  Well, until you realise that if you want to get to the next zone (or cell) because that's where your dear old Mother lives, you'll need to drive all the way to the ring road and back in again.

That 15 minute journey is now and hour.  How is that reducing pollution?  It's not.

As I said, cyclists love the idea and I've had discussions with them on Twitter about it.

I say discussions but it was more them asking for evidence these things exist and me pointing at said articles only to be told it's not real.

OK weirdo.

The concept that everything you'll need is within 15 minutes is all well and good until a) everything you need isn't within 15 minutes and b) you can't afford everything you need within your 15 minute cell.

I mean, are they going to setup more shops that caters for people?  Of course not.  It's actually going to destroy shops that are no longer accessible.

As you can see from the article above, people will be fined for leaving the area.  They have to obtain a permit to leave the area first.


Cambridge are also adopting this concept and it's coming to more cities across the country, you can guarantee your towns will too.


Let's just break it down here.

I live in a smallish town, population circa 30K.  It has a decent sized Morrisons where you could probably do your weekly shop.  It's also got a small Asda and Tesco where you definitely couldn't or wouldn't want to do your weekly shop.  Throw in your little corner store Tesco, Spar etc you get the picture.

I can access those stores within 15 minutes, easy.

But what if I don't want to shop at Morrisons because it's expensive?  I want to go to the next town on, which I do, as the Asda there is much bigger.  Can I get there in 15 minutes?  According to Google Maps yes, just.

But what if Asda doesn't have what I need?  And I need to go elsewhere?  You're telling me I can't.

For what reason?  Oh, climate change, again?

Let's not just consider the availability of products in the supermarkets either and focus on quality. (Never mind the quality, feel the width)

I don't buy supermarket meat as it's, well, shit.  I might buy chicken and sometimes mince, but if I want a decent joint of beef or a bit of lamb I'm going to the butchers.

Now, I'm lucky, I have 4 butchers to choose from and they're all in town.  But what if I didn't?

What if I just fancied going somewhere else?  Say for example, I fancy a trip to somewhere nice like York.

I go there a few times a year as the outdoor market sells the BEST pork pies you'll ever but in your pork pie hole.  The butchers that sells them also sells incredibly good meat.

They're like the Mr Kipling of beef joints, if you like.

Would I be allowed to use my freedom to head to York for my fave pies and meat?  Well, maybe if I get a permit in advance.  At cost.

You see, these 15 minute cities (and towns) are setting people up to fail.  They're deliberately removing people's choice and actual freedom of movement.

Who has fuck has decreed I can't go to the nearest city to have a day of shopping, getting quality produce from the markets and an amble about?  Which total fuckwit authoritarian bastard has decided this?

Absolute cunts, that's who.

Why should I, you or your mum (how is your mum btw?) have to beg and plead to be allowed to leave the area in which we live just to get cheaper food, or to just have a day out, going about our business without poking our snouts into anyone else's?


There does seem to be quite a bit of pushback from these ideas, and I hope people continue to resist.  It's not about climate change or pollution or any other guilt laden bollocks they want to lay at our door, it's quite simply an attack on freedom of movement and removing our choices.

If we don't resist, we'll be locked in our cells unable to get anywhere and then we'll realise we don't need cars anymore.  And we'll need to use a subpar public transport instead because that's the only way we'll be able to get about.

It's all in the plans...  

You've all heard the phrase "Living your best life" haven't you?

What does it mean?  Well, I guess it's living a care-free life, on your own terms and the way you want it.

But what if we've already lived our best lives and there's worse to come?


Hear me out, it might sound a bit "Conspiracy!" or Tin Hattish but stick with me here and make a judgement at the end.  There's no right or wrong by the way, believe what you will.


Nobody can argue that we've seemed to lurch from crisis to crisis over the last few years, there's more and more evidence suggesting these crisis' didn't just happen too.  But let's gloss over that for now.

Let's focus on the future, will we live our best lives next week, next month, next year or will things get worse?


People are struggling now with the "Cost of living crisis" (man loves a crisis) - food has increased in same cases by 50-60%, energy prices are so high that some people are having to decide whether to "Heat or Eat".

The UK in particular is really bad for energy prices, when the cost of gas has dropped to BELOW what it was BEFORE the "war" in Ukraine started yet our prices are still the highest they've ever been.  The UK is being ripped off constantly and the standard of living absolutely does not match what we pay for it.

Do you feel like the Government is doing ANYTHING about it at all?  There is absolutely nothing being done to help, that £400 you're getting towards your energy will end up being paid back at some point.

And why should they be giving us "free" money anyway, surely the actions they SHOULD be taking is to lean on the greedy conglomerates to reduce the prices given we can find the current price of gas etc at will?  Constantly getting the Government to hand over more money for things is the slippy slope to socialism / communism.


So, let's look at a few reasons why life may never be the same again unless WE do something about it.


15 Minute Cities

These sound, well, OK in principle but when you consider the wider concept it's a truly awful idea.  We'll cover this next time in much more detail.


Food Shortages

Along with the massive price hikes in food have you noticed less choice of late?  Especially in the frozen food part of supermarkets.

I've seen the veg aisle in some cases with next to nothing available which has led me to go to other places like market stalls who always seem to be well stocked.

Tie that in with the number of food processing plants, major egg mass producers and farms over the last 12 months which have mysteriously set on fire; yet look at the amount of farmland that's being bought up by Bill Gates.  Very suspicious.


Digital Currencies

Cash is king, right?  But most of us use cards because it's clearly much more convenient.  Cash will eventually be replaced by what's known as a CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency.

That ties in very nicely with a social credit score  where access to your own money will be restricted if you don't behave yourself.  And with the whole climate scam you can bet your non-binary genitals that shit like a Carbon quota will be added to that.  Drove too far last week?  Sorry mate, your account's frozen.



Healthcare has taken a back seat, ironically, both during and after the "pandemic".  Just what is going on?  The NHS is receiving a RECORD amount of money but still you can't get a GP's appointment and surgery is delayed by months if not years.  The amount of people I've heard saying they've been put on emergency lists is mad, especially when they're told the surgery may still be NEXT year!  Some emergency.

I truly fear the end of free at point of service healthcare is upon us.  I'll happily go private if they're prepared to stop taking my National Insurance.


Free speech and demonstration

Free speech is a human right.  We should be able to say whatever we want, within reason of course, without recourse.  Shouldn't we also be free to demonstrate or protest at things that we don't agree with?  Those rights are being removed from us with bills going through parliament.  


The end of Democracy

Already feels like we've reached this point doesn't it?  Where a Prime Minister can be overthrown at the drop of a hat and another unelected arsehole just takes over more dry bumming of the country and you.  But it will get worse, and this is another subject we'll tackle separately.



I know, I know... you think I've gone full conspiracy, and I really haven't.  If you'd have told me this stuff 3 years ago I'd have scoffed at it and put you in a mental home.  But if you look at how things have changed not only during but post Covid and the sheer inability for the Government to actually govern it feels like they've given up because they're not going to fight the overall agenda...

I'm sure you've heard of "The Great Reset", it's essentially a plan for our lives to be, well, controlled by people who will decide how we'll live - even though they're unelected.  It's not a conspiracy, it's a real thing, there's even a book about it by the head of the WEF.

This reset is supposed to be upon us on or by 2030 but it feels like it's being accelerated much faster...