Democracy is great, unless I disagree

There has been a lot of bad things happen of late.  It’s fair to say “Silly Season” has turned into “Absolutely ridiculous season” this year.

We’ve had all sorts of bad things happen and some truly bizarre moments.

It also seems that 2016 is the year democracy died.

Democracy is dead!  Long live democracy v2.0!!

That’s right, we have a new democracy now where the decision can be questioned to the point of people trying to reverse it if they don’t like it.

The Brexit Referendum saw to that.

See that tweet from someone who states a fact about an incident that has occurred?  You think you know better despite not being there and having less information about it than anyone else?

Well, for sure, tweet back then with some threat to have them murdered because you didn’t like what they had to say.

That’s the level we’re at now, folks.

I actually think people really want to live in some kind of dictatorship now, because they can’t seem to think for themselves and accept there is a choice in life.

Regardless of how you voted for Brexit, it has happened and it can’t be changed.

Regardless of things that have happened this year, telling people you don’t like it and disagree with it won’t change things.  Why should they?

Put yourself back in time, to the year 2002, where it was strange and we were fully grown.  Actually that might have been the year 2000 come to think of it.

Anyway, put yourself in Iraq in 2002.

Now, vote in the “Democratic” election that took place.

You know the one, the one where there was 1 name on the voting sheet.

That’s a democracy is it?  Having 1 choice to vote for?

So, when people in this country are faced with voting for something which has more than 1 choice that really is a democracy.  And when that majority wins that vote you have to accept the result.

You might not like the result as it differs from what you voted for, but still you’re supposed to accept it.

What you’re not supposed to do is go batshit crazy, crying and whinging and moaning about how the decision is wrong and how you’re going to do something about it.

And who are these people?  Most of them “Millennials”, kids who know shit all about everything. (Shit all of nothing is a double negative, don't get sucked in peeps)

You’ve grown up asking for everything, and getting everything given by your parents.

Had to go and do a days work?  Oh poor you!  How utterly rotten that your human rights have been demeaned in such a manner that you’ve got to earn a living instead of cadging off Mummy and Daddy.

And you want to run the country in future?  God help us.